DCS - Double Coppo Stopper
Product Code: 158A93

Is an important innovation, which facilitates and simplifies the assembly of terracotta Coppi. DCS is posed on wooden laths and is secured through the prepared holes, has profiles that guide the assembly of the Coppi without the need of specialized staff. The single Coppi are mechanically locked by the stoppers prepared in the profile of the base tile. On the eaves line is used a 3/4 Coppo tile also stopped mechanically. DCS prevents the sliding of the Coppi, the use of restraint hooks, the use of mortar or locking foam making a total competitive in the construction of roofs with Coppi tiles. The open drains ensures an optimal flow of water. PATENTED in 28 countries, is an innovation that will be distributed in many countries in the world.

Finishing Elements

Borgo Turrets

Technical data

Dimensioncm.45 x 32 / 36,5 approx.
WeightKg.4,7 approx.
Joist distancemm.360 approx.
Pieces per sq. m.7,5 approx.



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