Fully Brown
Product Code: 157A98

Its squared and flat shape is typical of shingle roof that usually covers sloping roofs. We manufacture this special tile in natural terracotta. And we are confident that our new innovation to the overlap will grant a perfect water drainoff. Modern architecture is used to draw pure and squared profiles, so a pitched roof covered with Plain Tile matches easily with this popular design. Naturally your roof should be completed by angular ridges which are so integrated to the ridging line.

Finishing Elements

  • 162V01
    Half tile

  • 163C01
    Right hip tile

  • 163C02
    Left hip tile

  • 173A01
    Angular terminal with shell

  • 178A01
    Angular Ridge

Borgo Turrets

Technical data

Dimensioncm.41,8 x 24,5 approx.
WeightKg.3,15 approx.
Weight per sq. m.Kg.44 approx.
Joist distancemm.350 approx.
Pieces per sq. m.14 approx.
Weight of four-hand palletQI.7,5 approx.
Pieces per four-hand pallet240
One container6720 approx.



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