Portuguese Neodoric
Product Code: 160B93

The Dorico is the oldest styles of classical antiquity. It was born in the Peloponnese and spread throughout Greece and in its colonies, including Italian ones. Referring to the styles of architecture of these places in that time, the Portoghese Neodorica has light colors to suit open and bright spaces, soft lines and sober and simple shape to ensure maximum safety. In addition to ensuring a "good roof," the full range of accessories and durability add value and prestige of the building.

Finishing Elements

  • 0900..
    Ventilated Under-ridge system

  • 090080
    Bird dissuader in pvc
    H 80 mm

  • 090083
    Bird dissuader in copper
    H 110 mm

  • 090085
    Joist holder

  • 090089
    Metal bird stop

  • 090100
    Ventilated Under-ridge system

  • 090105
    Hook for ridge

  • 090160
    Rain gutter

  • 0902..
    Waterproof underlay at high transpiration

  • 090T..
    Universal insulating panel

  • 142A01
    ∅ 12 cm approx. to vent bathrooms and kitchens

  • 142Z01

  • 147A01
    ∅ 12 cm approx. to vent bathrooms and kitchens

  • 147B01
    ∅ 15 cm approx. to vent bathrooms and kitchens

  • 147C01
    ∅ 20 cm approx. to vent bathrooms and kitchens

  • 147N01
    Chimney-pot moorish style

  • 160200
    Glass tile

  • 162B01
    Double Portoghese

  • 163B01
    Right and left hip tile

  • 164B01
    Joint for hip tile

  • 165A01

  • 166A01

  • 167A01
    SuperRidge Right Terminal

  • 167A02
    SuperRidge Left Terminal

  • 168A01
    Three-way superridge
    for joints between three ridges

  • 169A01
    Four-way superridge
    for joints between four ridges

  • 170B01
    Snow guard tile
    with lunette

  • 171B01 - 007059
    Flat ventilation tile - Grill
    You need 3 grills every 25 mq of roof

  • 171D01
    Classic ventilation tile

  • 172B01
    Antenna/Satellite tile

  • 174A01
    Terminal with shell

  • 175A01
    Right terminal

  • 175D01
    Left terminal

  • 176A01

  • 177A01

  • 197B01
    Small base for chimney
    ∅ 12 cm approx.

  • 197E01
    Large base for chimney
    ∅ 15 cm approx.

  • 197H01
    Large base for chimney
    ∅ 20 cm approx.

Borgo Turrets

Technical data

Dimensioncm.41,5 x 25,5 approx.
WeightKg.2,8 approx.
Weight per sq. m.Kg.39 approx.
Joist distancemm.345 approx.
Pieces per sq. m.14 approx.
Weight of four-hand palletQI.7 approx.
Pieces per four-hand pallet248
One container6944



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