Flexi Natural Terracotta
Product Code: 155E97

It has a European coverage from many decades, it is suitable for covering large areas of high slope and has a simple design. The Marsigliese Flexi with variable pitch, enhances the features described above and presented great versatility both for renovation, being easily approachable in tiles of ancient production, and on new projects, in which pieces varies from 12.7 to 15 per square meter. The mount should only be staggered, so as to ensure a waterproof and durable mantle.

Finishing Elements

  • 0900..
    Ventilated Under-ridge system

  • 090085
    Joist holder

  • 090100
    Ventilated Under-ridge system

  • 090105
    Hook for ridge

  • 0902..
    Waterproof underlay at high transpiration

  • 090T..
    Universal insulating panel

  • 142A01
    ∅ 12 cm approx. to vent bathrooms and kitchens

  • 142Z01

  • 147A01
    ∅ 12 cm approx. to vent bathrooms and kitchens

  • 147N01
    Chimney-pot moorish style

  • 163C01
    Right hip tile

  • 163C02
    Left hip tile

  • 165A01

  • 170E01
    Snow guard tile

  • 171E01
    Ventilation tile
    You need 1 piece every 25 mq of roof

  • 172D01
    Antenna/Satellite tile

  • 173A01
    Angular terminal with shell

  • 174A01
    Terminal with shell

  • 175A01
    Right terminal

  • 175D01
    Left terminal

  • 176A01

  • 177A01

  • 178A01
    Angular Ridge

  • 197D01
    Bearing base
    for chimney ∅ 12 cm approx.

Borgo Turrets

Technical data

Dimensioncm.41,6 x 25 approx.
WeightKg.2,95 approx.
Weight per sq. m.Kg.37,4-44,2 approx.
Joist distancemm.315-365 approx.
Pieces per sq. m.12,7-15 approx.
Weight of four-hand palletQI.6,6 approx.
Pieces per four-hand pallet232
One container6272



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